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I registered and scheduled a test appointment with my approved accommodations, but I plan to appeal or request reconsideration because not everything I requested was approved. What should I do?

Accommodations cannot be added to an existing test appointment. If you already have a test appointment and then submit an appeal or a request for reconsideration and additional accommodations are approved, you will need to cancel your appointment, wait for a new Authorization to Test email from Pearson VUE that lists all of the approved accommodations (including those newly approved upon appeal or reconsideration), and schedule a new test appointment in order to test with all of your approved accommodations.

NOTE: You should not cancel your test appointment until after you receive a determination on your appeal or request for reconsideration because if you are not approved for additional accommodations after an appeal or request for reconsideration, you may choose to keep your scheduled test appointment with previously granted accommodation(s) that are included in your initial test appointment.

There may be fees associated with canceling and scheduling a new appointment to test; for more details, refer to MPRE Registration Information or contact MPRE Registration at

Please note that it can take up to 25 business days for NCBE to make a determination on your appeal or request for reconsideration and there is no guarantee that test appointments will be available on your preferred test date, at your preferred test location, or at your preferred test time, as appointments are scheduled on a first-come, first-served basis.

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