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How are MBE concurrent score transfers handled?

With proper scheduling and approval by the jurisdictions involved, an examinee may be permitted to take the bar examination in two jurisdictions over a period of three days. One of the two jurisdictions must administer its local examination on Tuesday and the other must administer its local examination on Thursday. The examinee will take the local examination in the first jurisdiction on Tuesday, the MBE in either jurisdiction on Wednesday, and the local examination in the second jurisdiction on Thursday. Arrangements to use the MBE score in conjunction with two concurrent bar examinations must be made through the jurisdictions that allow concurrent use of scores. It is the examinee’s responsibility to verify that his or her MBE score will be available by the receiving jurisdiction’s deadline. NOTE: If one of the jurisdictions is a UBE jurisdiction, you will not earn a portable UBE score. You must take all portions of the examination (MEE, MPT, and MBE) in the UBE jurisdiction in the same exam administration to earn a portable UBE score; you cannot use an MBE score earned concurrently in a non-UBE jurisdiction.

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