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What documents should I upload?

You have the option of uploading supporting documents throughout the application. This is optional unless noted in the body of the question. Any document provided should only be uploaded once per application, even if it pertains to multiple entries/questions.

Uploading supporting documentation can sometimes speed up processing, especially if you have any foreign credentials (education, admission, etc.).

NCBE does not ask for or require a copy of your previous bar applications.

Required uploads include the questions labeled:

  • Attorney Discipline
  • Attorney Complaint
  • Unauthorized Practice of Law
  • Sanction or Disqualification
  • Military Service
  • Professional Discipline
  • Professional Complaint
  • Civil Action
  • Administrative Action
  • Criminal Action
  • Alcohol or Drug Related Traffic Violation
  • Revocation
  • Defaulted Student Loan
  • Other Defaulted Debt
  • Past Due Debt
  • Tax Debt
  • Bankruptcy

Do not upload password protected or secured documents or documents that contain an expiration. Removing these protections can be accomplished by printing and then scanning the printed document.

Preferred format: PDF

Scans: 300 dpi resolution is typically adequate, gray-scale preferred

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