ADA Testing Accommodations

If you are requesting only to bring food and/or a beverage and are not requesting any other deviation from standard testing conditions, you do not have to submit a Applicant Request Form but you must submit a written request by email to no later than one week prior to the date of the MPRE. Additionally, you must submit a note from a medical provider stating that such items are medically necessary.

If you took the MPRE prior to 2013, email your verification request to Include your full name and when you sat for the MPRE. NCBE will email an MPRE Prior Accommodations Certification to you. If you took the MPRE in 2013 or after, log in to your NCBE account and check your File Cabinet. If the Accommodations Confirmation previously posted to your File Cabinet is no longer there, send an email to asking NCBE to re-post the Accommodations Confirmation.

NCBE reviews requests for accommodations in the order received and usually makes decisions within 10-15 business days of receipt. We encourage applicants to register and request accommodations early in the registration period so there is time to seek reconsideration if the request is not granted. Requests for reconsideration must be received by NCBE by the late registration deadline.

All correspondence from NCBE regarding your accommodations request will be sent exclusively by electronic posting to the File Cabinet in your NCBE Account unless you specify paper correspondence in your Applicant Request Form.

Examinees may bring certain medical aids, such as an insulin pump, into the testing room without submitting a request. Additionally, medical products are included in the list of items that may be brought into the testing room in a sealed clear plastic bag (maximum size one gallon). A blood sugar testing kit, unwrapped hard candy, and unwrapped glucose tablets qualify as medical products. For a full list of allowable items, please see MPRE Test Day Policies.

The bar examination is separate and distinct from the MPRE. NCBE is not responsible for administering state bar examinations or determining the criteria for accommodations for state bar examinations. You should contact the jurisdiction in which you plan to take the bar exam to find out what you need to do to request accommodations.

You must submit a request for reconsideration by submitting a completed Applicant Reconsideration Request Form. Any additional supporting documentation you wish to have considered must be submitted along with your Applicant Reconsideration Request Form. The form and additional documentation must be received by NCBE by the late registration deadline. Once the deadline has passed, the decision is final for that MPRE test date. If you register for a future test day, you may submit additional information along with your new Applicant Request Form at the time that you reapply.

If you are not granted accommodations, your registration fee will not be refunded. You will be registered to take the MPRE under standard test conditions. Registration fees are nonrefundable, even if you decide not to take the MPRE.

You must submit a new Applicant Request Form each time you register for the MPRE. Please review the instructions on the Repeat Applicants page of our website.

You must provide medical documentation that establishes your current functional limitations and your need for accommodations for the MPRE. Requests are reviewed on an individualized basis and all documentation is carefully considered. It is up to you and your medical professional to decide what to submit. Please review the Medical Documentation Guidelines applicable to your disability for a general description of information that typically is useful.

All medical and other supporting documentation must be submitted with the Applicant Request Form and must be received by NCBE by the late registration deadline for your MPRE test date. Anything received after the deadline will not be reviewed. There are no exceptions.

You may contact NCBE by email at or call 608-316-3070 [TDD: 608-661-1275 (must call from a TDD)]. Please review the forms and instructions on our website at to see if your question is answered there.